Recipe Goddess: Green Smoothie

I have a confession: I’m obsessed with green smoothies. While it’s obvious by their color that they’re good for you (I mean, really super amazing for you), the fact that it does taste good may not be so obvious. That’s where my (below) recipe comes in. But first…

The Benefits of Green Smoothies

  • They’re a complete food (unlike green juices) because they have fiber
  • The fact that they have fiber also makes them filling
  • They are easy to digest (which is why I drink mine in the morning)
  • They’re quick and easy to make as long as you have all of the ingredients
  • Green smoothies last 2-3 days if they’re refrigerated
  • They incorporate both greens and fruits
  • Antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients galore
  • They increase energy, mental clarity and focus
  • Clearer skin!
  • They make you crave healthy foods


  • (1) handful of spinach
  • (1) handful of kale
  • (1) tbsp. coconut oil (healthy fat)
  • (1) banana (you can also use green apples, berries, etc.)
  • (2) tablets of bee pollen
  • (1) tbsp. of agave nectar (for sweetness)
  • water (you can use coconut water or green tea)
  • (1) Ninja blender (any blender will work)

Just combine these ingredients, blend and voila! I promise, it will not taste like a blended salad: that’s what the fruit and agave nectar are there for.

You can also alter the smoothie as you wish with ingredients such as cucumber, kiwi, pineapple, berries, or lemon juice.

Still not convinced? You can still get a dose of greens in a dominantly fruit smoothie. Just toss in a little kale and/or spinach into your average fruit/yogurt smoothie and you won’t taste a thing.

Have you ever had a green smoothie? If so, did you love it or hate it? Let us know in a comment!

(P.S. – I’m drinking this smoothie right now!)

Ten Things

How was everyone’s Father’s Day? Mine was fabulous. We laid outside all day, had a BBQ with my immediate family, and my three brothers and I sat outside for hours after dinner listening to stories of when my parents just got married. But, with a great and relaxing Sunday comes a Monday. Here are the ten things that are making me smile right now.

1) Family

After going out almost every night last week and sleeping out more than usual, Father’s Day with my family reminded me just how much I love spending time on my deck with my whole family. Between my dad’s request for a techno CD (for his birthday last year, he requested several CDs… one of which was Lady Gaga…), my mom’s amazing food, and my brothers’ sense of humor, Sunday flew by way too fast.

2) Not being sick

You know the feeling of being sick where you try and bargain with whatever higher force there is: “If I feel better tomorrow, I swear I’ll organize my room like I promised my mom I would? And I’ll drive my brothers wherever they need to go?”? Yeah, that was me last week, so I made sure to take advantage of being healthy again by going out to dinner with my pledge class, seeing old friends, spending time in the sun, dancing, and cooking way too much.

3) Zippyshare

I’ve been looking for a way to download music without converting YouTube videos to MP3 format forever. I had been using BeeMP3, but the selection was limited. When I found out about Zippyshare, I was ecstatic and immediately began updating my iTunes. Which leads me too…

4) Oldies & new-ies

I’m having a Florence + The Machine moment in which I listen to Dog Days Are Over and Cosmic Love over and over. But, besides those two songs, I’m currently loving Liar Liar, Stereo Hearts, Roll Up, Fat Bottomed Girls, How To Love, Hard to Handle and I Remember.

5) Experimenting with different hairstyles

I wrote a post earlier this week about Conair’s clamp-less curling iron, and because of this little device, I’ve been inspired to experiment with my hair in every way possible. I’ve curled it, straightened it, blown it out (which I never do on my own), braided it and changed my part up the past few days. Until now, I was strictly a pony tail or hair down-and-straight girl, so this is a whole new world for me!

6) Being 20… and acting 15

Enough said.

7) Smoothies

Smoothies have become my go-to for a refreshing, summery, semi-healthy snack. I use FAGE Total 0% Greek yogurt, 2 tablespoons of Splenda, ice and whatever fruits I’m in the mood for (lately its been a combo of raspberry, blueberry and strawberry) in my fancy Ninja, and in less than 10 minutes, I have an amazing midday treat.

8) Lindsay Lohan, Vanity Fair, October 2010

9) Bright nails

It literally took me 20 minutes just to a pick a nail color in the nail salon the other day! There are way too many colors I need to experiment with before summer is over: grayish-green, bright blue (check! Post coming later this week…), electric green, teal, orange, etc. Too many options!

10) Fridays

Is there anything quite like the feeling of freedom that comes with a Friday during the summer?

What do you think?

What are the ten things inspiring you right now? Did you do anything exciting this weekend? Any plans to look forward to? Let us know in a comment!