Weekly Wishlist: 2nd Edition

Welcome to my newest weekly installment: Weekly Wishlist. This is where I’ll share a few items that I’ve either purchased, am adding to my shopping list or am just crushing on from afar.

This week, I’m all about closet/cosmetic bag necessities. First off, we have the Forever 21 Hi-Low Skirt ($19.80) (aka the “mullet” skirt). This flattering hemline is definitely going to be my staple while interning in sweltering NYC this summer. It’s not only pretty and feminine, but its airy and pairs well with both flats and heels.

The next two on my list play into my constant penchant for sexy eyes. My no-fail choice for any smoky look? MAC Technakohl Liner in Graphblack ($15). Line your bottom lashline with this badboy and smudge with a fingertip for a sexy look in 2 minutes flat. For a more refined line (cat eyes, winged liner, etc.), I stick with Guerlain Liquid Liner ($36). The price may be slightly inflated, but it’s the only liquid liner that I have a constant affair with.

Moving onto wilder things… This TOPSHOP Leopard Skater Dress ($72) has stolen my heart. It takes my absolute favorite print and my favorite silhouette and marries them perfectly. For some reason, all I can picture wearing it with is a pair of crisp white leather shoes, like Alexander Wang’s “Joan.” I think it’s my inner “cool Grandma” speaking to me.

Speaking of cats.. Remember when I lusted over Tom Ford’s Nikita sunglasses just last week? Well, apparently ASOS heard the crickets chirping in my empty bank account and sent these Cat Eye Sunglasses ($21.50) to heed my obsession. Thanks, ASOS.

Next on the list is my must-have accessory: gold chain anything (except belly chain). Such a perfect piece to spice up any outfit, especially this Marc by Marc Jacobs Bracelet ($47.60).

Finally, we have the perfect shoe for all of your summer festivals and festivities: Old Navy’s Double Strap Buckle Sandals ($17.50). Basic, cheap and you won’t feel guilty if they get wrecked by the sand and surf this summer.

What’s on your wishlist this week? Let us know in a comment!

Cosmetic Bag Essentials

While my makeup stash is a little obsessive and occupies a full drawer in my room at school (a deep drawer that is meant to hold clothing might I add), when it comes down to it, there are only a handful of products that I wouldn’t be able to survive without.

I’m always a big drugstore-beauty-aisle advocate (since you can experiment with looks without emptying your bank account), but these 9 products are the staples to my morning routine, and completely worth their price tags. While my eyeshadow and lipstick may vary, these babies don’t go anywhere.

  1. Burt’s Bees Lip Balm ($3) – Each bag I own has at least one chapstick housed in it, and it’s always a Burt’s Bees one. While I like Jack Black Lip Balm ($7.50) too, Burt’s Bees is more widely available (and cheaper) for when I hit the bottom of the tube. It hydrates instantly, and the minty flavor is totally kissable.
  2. NARS Illuminator in ‘Orgasm’ ($29) – NARS’s ‘Orgasm’ products are a cult-favorite, and the illuminator version is no different. It provides that sexy, healthy, dewy glow that every girl lusts after.
  3. NARS Bronzing Powder in ‘Laguna’ ($33) – This bronzer is absolute perfection: not too glittery, you can build it up, and unless you’re hoping to achieve a Snooki-esque look, you’ll never look orange. This is the one product that has me constantly hitting tin from how often I use it.
  4. Moroccan Oil ($40.49) – While Moroccan Oil is definitely not a budget-friendly hair product, it’s one splurge that I always recommend. Since you need a dime-sized drop to hydrate your entire head, it lasts longer than you’d expect, and the smell is absolutely addicting. My hair has never been silkier.
  5. Benefit ‘They’re Real!’ Mascara ($22) – I discovered this mascara after being given a sample at Sephora this summer, and I haven’t looked back. The formula is thick and very black, so it does require a lighter hand, but it gives your lashes length and thickness that blows every other mascara I’ve tried out of the water.
  6. MAC Blush in ‘Mocha’ ($19.50) – Blush is my new obsession when it comes to makeup, and this one is by far the most flattering and understated one I’ve tried. I even got 3 of my friends, all with different skin tones, addicted to it, too.
  7. Sephora Collection Mono Eyeshadow in ‘Must Have 06’ ($12) – I apply this eyeshadow with an angled brush to get the perfect eyeliner. It stays on all night and never ends up as giving you raccoon eye as many cream shadows/liners do.
  8. Rimmel 25 Hour Foundation in ‘Soft Beige’ ($7.13) – I use this foundation (with a sponge) as my concealer on my forehead, around my nose and on my chin. It literally erases any blemishes you may have.
  9. Neutrogena Healthy Skin Brightening Eye Perfector ($9.59) – Unfortunately, due to genetics, I have dark bags under my eyes. This concealer lightens them and can also act as a concealer elsewhere on your face.

What are your cosmetic bag essentials? Let us know in a comment!

Beauty Resolutions

Each New Year, hundreds of resolutions are made, but most aren’t kept. Many people have extreme notions of how they’ll improve themselves: quit eating junk food cold turkey, stop smoking, find the perfect guy.

Instead, why not have a few simple resolutions that you can actually stick to that will still improve your well-being? Here are some easy beauty resolutions to add to your list to keep you looking (and feeling) your best in 2012:

  • Wash your makeup off each and every night. We all know that whether you’re a college girl or a recent post-grad, time is always of the essence, but skipping this simple step can lead to breakouts, blackheads, etc.
  • Speaking of time… start sleeping more! Get 7-9 hours a night, and you’ll start seeing the difference.
  • Moisturize your face (and body!) before bed and in the morning. In a few years, you’ll be saying botox, schmotox. And don’t even bother picking up lotions without SPF.
  • Give yourself (or treat yourself to) a weekly manicure. This small indulgence will keep you feeling clean and pretty.
  • Opt for your blowdryer instead of your flat iron more often. Less direct heat on your hair, less breakage and split ends. Plus, a blowdryer delivers way more body and oomph. If you insist on daily ironing, start using heat protecting spray beforehand.
  • Finally find your signature scent! Collect samples from stores like Sephora or department stores and test them each day. Get reactions from your friends, family and boyfriend. It may be a game of trial and error, but once you find yours, you’ll feel naked stepping out of your house without it on.
  • Simplify your makeup bag. Often, less is more. Decide which items are your staples and which are just a waste of space and start purging!
  • Keep things interesting. Change the way you part your hair. Try a bold shade of lipstick. Stop being afraid of liquid liner. As long as it’s temporary, you won’t regret taking the risk.
  • Drink more water! Do I even have to explain?
  • Grow out your brows. Yes, you heard me. Grow them. Then, pay a professional to shape them. After that one time fee, you’ll only have to maintain them. I’m in the process of doing this myself!
Make 2012 about you! These small changes will make noticeable differences in your beauty and well-being.

What are your beauty resolutions this year? Let us know in a comment!