Friendship For Cheap

I’m going to say it: you are an absolute fool to pay more than $20 dollars (and even that is absurd) for a friendship bracelet in any form. Unless it’s made out of gold, platinum and diamonds, it’s just not necessary. Wait, even then. It’s stupid

(However, if you do believe in paying the big bucks for a string bracelet, I have a whole pile of them courtesy of my 5+ years at camp that I’d love to sell to you. Call me, maybe.)

If you are a savvy shopper, though, here are some affordable options to get on this trend and join in on summer’s colorful arm parties:

  1. ASOS Watch – $40
  2. Forever 21 – $5
  3. ASOS – $19
  4. Forever 21 – $5
  5. ASOS – $11
  6. ASOS – $11

Weekly Wishlist: 2nd Edition

Welcome to my newest weekly installment: Weekly Wishlist. This is where I’ll share a few items that I’ve either purchased, am adding to my shopping list or am just crushing on from afar.

This week, I’m all about closet/cosmetic bag necessities. First off, we have the Forever 21 Hi-Low Skirt ($19.80) (aka the “mullet” skirt). This flattering hemline is definitely going to be my staple while interning in sweltering NYC this summer. It’s not only pretty and feminine, but its airy and pairs well with both flats and heels.

The next two on my list play into my constant penchant for sexy eyes. My no-fail choice for any smoky look? MAC Technakohl Liner in Graphblack ($15). Line your bottom lashline with this badboy and smudge with a fingertip for a sexy look in 2 minutes flat. For a more refined line (cat eyes, winged liner, etc.), I stick with Guerlain Liquid Liner ($36). The price may be slightly inflated, but it’s the only liquid liner that I have a constant affair with.

Moving onto wilder things… This TOPSHOP Leopard Skater Dress ($72) has stolen my heart. It takes my absolute favorite print and my favorite silhouette and marries them perfectly. For some reason, all I can picture wearing it with is a pair of crisp white leather shoes, like Alexander Wang’s “Joan.” I think it’s my inner “cool Grandma” speaking to me.

Speaking of cats.. Remember when I lusted over Tom Ford’s Nikita sunglasses just last week? Well, apparently ASOS heard the crickets chirping in my empty bank account and sent these Cat Eye Sunglasses ($21.50) to heed my obsession. Thanks, ASOS.

Next on the list is my must-have accessory: gold chain anything (except belly chain). Such a perfect piece to spice up any outfit, especially this Marc by Marc Jacobs Bracelet ($47.60).

Finally, we have the perfect shoe for all of your summer festivals and festivities: Old Navy’s Double Strap Buckle Sandals ($17.50). Basic, cheap and you won’t feel guilty if they get wrecked by the sand and surf this summer.

What’s on your wishlist this week? Let us know in a comment!

The Case For The Crop Top

I am no skinny mini.

Taco Bell is my guilty pleasure, and forgive me, but I just can’t say no to a Slutty Brownie (or any brownie… or any baked good, for that matter).

So, when you say “tight crop top,” I say, “save it for the runway.”

But that attitude is long gone.

I impulsively purchased this top for under $5 from Forever 21, and told myself that it’d only be wearable when I lost that extra 10 pounds by summer (psh).

But, I recently realized that it’s the perfect basic to pair with all of my high waisted items.

Throw it on with high waisted shorts, skirts, and pants to avoid tucking in a tank top and to up your sexy factor with a discreet sliver of skin. Throw on a blazer, jean jacket or a cardi if you’re trying to keep it tame.

Here’s an effortless way to rock this look with pieces you may already own:

  1. Blazer – $58
  2. Crop Top – $4.90
  3. Shoes – $44
  4. Necklace – $24
  5. Shorts – $77

Will you be wearing crop tops as the weather gets warmer? Let us know in a comment!