Weekly Wishlist: 4th Edition

Welcome to my newest weekly installment: Weekly Wishlist. This is where I’ll share a few items that I’ve either purchased, am adding to my shopping list or am just crushing on from afar.

I am freaking out over M·A·C’s Fashion Sets. They’re seriously killing me. One of my favorite trends is to match your nails to your lips (it’s so sexy, no?), but it’s often so hard to find the perfect “pair.” Enter these sets, that include Lip Glass, Nail Lacquer and Lipstick. Top of my list is Myth. But you definitely can’t go wrong with the Russian Red set (here, here and here).

Next on my wishlist is this Denim Anorak from Nasty Gal. It’s been raining like crazy in Binghamton, and it’s getting boring to see cargo anoraks and trench coats. This denim version is totally unique and for under $100, the perfect jacket investment for this spring time weather.

Speaking of weather, now that I’m a mere three weeks from my summer internship, I’m on the hunt for bottoms that are both work and summer appropriate. These shorts from Topshop may be one of my favorites that I’ve spotted. Sophisticated, structured, and short without being slutty. Sold.

I’ve also been continuously hunting for chic flats/sandals. I have a penchant for gold and brown once the sun is out, so these Dolce Vita sandals are screaming my name.

More on gold… well, fool’s gold that is… How funky/unique/cool is this CC Skye ring, while being totally everyday-wearable?

If you’re pining for a new pair of sunniest like I am, but don’t want to drop the big bucks on a pair of Ray Bans or Karen Walker or Warby Parker (by “don’t want,” I mean, “can’t currently afford to spend that much on plastic/metal, no matter how gorg”), ASOS is the place to check. Anything big, cat eyed and retro is so perfect for summer, like the pair pictured or these leopard cat eye pair.

And finally, how can you say no to an orange clutch with to-die-for stitching for less than $60? All white outfit, brown wedges, and said clutch? Perfect. Thanks, Steve Madden.

What’s on your wishlist this week? Let us know in a comment!

Friendship For Cheap

I’m going to say it: you are an absolute fool to pay more than $20 dollars (and even that is absurd) for a friendship bracelet in any form. Unless it’s made out of gold, platinum and diamonds, it’s just not necessary. Wait, even then. It’s stupid

(However, if you do believe in paying the big bucks for a string bracelet, I have a whole pile of them courtesy of my 5+ years at camp that I’d love to sell to you. Call me, maybe.)

If you are a savvy shopper, though, here are some affordable options to get on this trend and join in on summer’s colorful arm parties:

  1. ASOS Watch – $40
  2. Forever 21 – $5
  3. ASOS – $19
  4. Forever 21 – $5
  5. ASOS – $11
  6. ASOS – $11

Guys’ Style: Bryan Greenberg

If you haven’t already caught on… I’m obsessed with Bryan Greenberg. But I think the reason he tops my celeb crush list is because of how manly he is, thanks in part to his impeccable style.

His wardrobe never includes skinny jeans, tight cardigans, short-sleeve button-ups or jewelry. Instead, he sticks to no-frill basics that any guy can’t go wrong in.

Here’s the recipe for Greenberg’s effortless, sexy look:

Every guy needs a collection of button-ups that can be worn on any occasion. Grab them in a few basic colors like (1) Navy Button-Up, $59.50. The (2) Tartan Check Shirt – $80.57 is perfect for a night out or to throw on for class. And, you can never go wrong with a denim/chambray shirt like (3) Double Pocket Shirt – $69.50.

What you cover up with is just as important as what you have on underneath. Blazers pull together any outfit and look cool with both button-ups and graphic tees. This (4) Corduroy Blazer– $39 is a cool spin on a classic look.

And what’s sexier than a (5) Leather Bomber – $268.58? Over a white (8) V-Neck– $5.90, you have instant bad-ass sex appeal.

Going for a more classic look? You need to have a peacoat of some sort! This (7) Wool Overcoat – $170.10 is perfect for work or meeting your girlfriend’s parents.

Obviously (6) Jeans – $58 are a staple to any guy’s wardrobe, but keep them Regular or Straight cut to avoid looking like a Justin Bieber-wannabe. No sweatpants allowed.

But, if you must be comfy, at least do it in this (9) Basic Hoodie – $179.05 so you avoid looking like you haven’t left your couch in hours (even if you haven’t).

What do you think? Do you love Greenberg’s style or hate it? Do you agree that these are all staples to a male’s wardrobe? What did we miss? Let us know in a comment!