Friendship For Cheap

I’m going to say it: you are an absolute fool to pay more than $20 dollars (and even that is absurd) for a friendship bracelet in any form. Unless it’s made out of gold, platinum and diamonds, it’s just not necessary. Wait, even then. It’s stupid

(However, if you do believe in paying the big bucks for a string bracelet, I have a whole pile of them courtesy of my 5+ years at camp that I’d love to sell to you. Call me, maybe.)

If you are a savvy shopper, though, here are some affordable options to get on this trend and join in on summer’s colorful arm parties:

  1. ASOS Watch – $40
  2. Forever 21 – $5
  3. ASOS – $19
  4. Forever 21 – $5
  5. ASOS – $11
  6. ASOS – $11

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