Life Through The Instagram Lens

I’m owning up to it: I’ve been slacking on the posts lately. It’s probably because I’ve been busy doing things like taking outfit pics of myself in my messy room, eating great food, drinking great cocktails, caring about my school work, getting my wisdom teeth out, etc.

Here’s a sneak peek into said activities, and feel free to follow me on Instagram/Twitter for the live updates @sarah_brovda:

Vintage Leopard Fur Cuff

H&M Denim Button-up (similar), Forever 21 Floral Jeans (similar)

Amazing Bloody Mary at Back Bay Social Club, Boston

Mixing neons and pastels: H&M Sweater (similar), H&M Striped Tank (similar), BDG Jeans (similar), Sam Edelman Ballet Flats 

Florida, Spring Break

California Eggs Benedict at Back Bay Social Club, Boston

Monarch butterfly at the Boston Museum of Science

Forever 21 Cardigan & Cropped Tank, Hermes Belt, Urban Renewal Shorts (similar)

Dim Sum for lunch at The Orient, Long Island

The cutest puppy in the world.

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