The Case For The Crop Top

I am no skinny mini.

Taco Bell is my guilty pleasure, and forgive me, but I just can’t say no to a Slutty Brownie (or any brownie… or any baked good, for that matter).

So, when you say “tight crop top,” I say, “save it for the runway.”

But that attitude is long gone.

I impulsively purchased this top for under $5 from Forever 21, and told myself that it’d only be wearable when I lost that extra 10 pounds by summer (psh).

But, I recently realized that it’s the perfect basic to pair with all of my high waisted items.

Throw it on with high waisted shorts, skirts, and pants to avoid tucking in a tank top and to up your sexy factor with a discreet sliver of skin. Throw on a blazer, jean jacket or a cardi if you’re trying to keep it tame.

Here’s an effortless way to rock this look with pieces you may already own:

  1. Blazer – $58
  2. Crop Top – $4.90
  3. Shoes – $44
  4. Necklace – $24
  5. Shorts – $77

Will you be wearing crop tops as the weather gets warmer? Let us know in a comment!

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