Store Spotlight: HeReJ

As a huge Forever21, Necessary Clothing, Nasty Gal and H&M junkie, you can imagine how thrilled I was to come across another store in the budget-friendly-but-has-sick-clothing category.

Introducing my newest discovery, HeReJ.

I came across HeReJ on Refinery29’s “Reserve” site (which, by the way, is unbelievable). Right now, Reserve & HeReJ are offering $60 worth of clothing for only $30. Yes, that’s double the money to spend, people.

Here are my picks:

Velvet Leopard Blazer – $39

Red Frige Earrings – $12

Floral Kimono – $44

For $30, you could be adding some awesome new pieces to your wardrobe. So, what are you waiting for?

What do you think of HeReJ? Will you be shopping their site? Let us know in a comment! 

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