Tinted Love

With Valentine’s Day coming up, kissing is inevitable for many of us. But, we all know how it feels to kiss someone while wearing a layer of sticky lipgloss (yuck) and how Grandma-ish it looks (and feels!) to stain someone while wearing a bright lipstick.

That’s why I’m currently addicted to lip stain. It’s buildable, so you can get a dose of color or a full on bold lip, and the best part? It doesn’t stain anything but your lips.

Lately, I’ve been swiping on a touch of Tarte’s Cheek Stain in Flush to combat my winter ghostliness (it’s one of my cosmetic bag staples during the summer).

A little of this is perfect for the girl who loves a multi-use product (it’s primary use is a long-lasting cheek stain) and doesn’t want to look “made up.” Totally male-approved.

For a more dramatic, saturated color that requires no touching up, though, I opt for Revlon’s Just Bitten Lip Stain in Crave. Lip markers and crayons are everywhere, and Revlon’s version is a budget-friendly way to experiment with this trend.

Have you used lip stain? Do you prefer stain, lipstick or gloss? Let us know in a comment!

One thought on “Tinted Love

  1. I gotta go with heuoitales on this one!!! Brandon Sutton = POY!!!! The kid is 9-0, with an ERZ around 0.85, and over 100 K’s. Brad Jones has had an excellent year, and his number are equal to Brandon in every category except that Mr. Jones has 1 LOSS! Brandon has 0!!!! Good luck to both teams tonight!

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