Hair Must-Have: Fahrenheit 464

Last week, I told you about my hair care essentials and included my Spornette Prix brush, which I’m absolutely in love with.

But, after trying Spornette’s new Fahrenheit 464 collection, I may have to free up some space on my sink. Sorry, Prix. There’s a new brush in my life.

I blew my hair out with the round Fahrenheit brush this past weekend and found that my hair was sleeker and shinier than even my Prix had been able to get it. As my friends flipped through pictures of the weekend, one even said my hair looked more “luscious” than usual. And who doesn’t want luscious hair?

Now, the Fahrenheit vent brush is making its way through my house too, and the consensus between the 12 girls I live with has been the same: this brush is sick.

You can purchase both of these brushes here. Although the price tag is a little steep, (each brush is $21.25), if you’re one to blow dry your hair on a regular basis like I am, it’s worth it.

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