Guys’ Style: Bryan Greenberg

If you haven’t already caught on… I’m obsessed with Bryan Greenberg. But I think the reason he tops my celeb crush list is because of how manly he is, thanks in part to his impeccable style.

His wardrobe never includes skinny jeans, tight cardigans, short-sleeve button-ups or jewelry. Instead, he sticks to no-frill basics that any guy can’t go wrong in.

Here’s the recipe for Greenberg’s effortless, sexy look:

Every guy needs a collection of button-ups that can be worn on any occasion. Grab them in a few basic colors like (1) Navy Button-Up, $59.50. The (2) Tartan Check Shirt – $80.57 is perfect for a night out or to throw on for class. And, you can never go wrong with a denim/chambray shirt like (3) Double Pocket Shirt – $69.50.

What you cover up with is just as important as what you have on underneath. Blazers pull together any outfit and look cool with both button-ups and graphic tees. This (4) Corduroy Blazer– $39 is a cool spin on a classic look.

And what’s sexier than a (5) Leather Bomber – $268.58? Over a white (8) V-Neck– $5.90, you have instant bad-ass sex appeal.

Going for a more classic look? You need to have a peacoat of some sort! This (7) Wool Overcoat – $170.10 is perfect for work or meeting your girlfriend’s parents.

Obviously (6) Jeans – $58 are a staple to any guy’s wardrobe, but keep them Regular or Straight cut to avoid looking like a Justin Bieber-wannabe. No sweatpants allowed.

But, if you must be comfy, at least do it in this (9) Basic Hoodie – $179.05 so you avoid looking like you haven’t left your couch in hours (even if you haven’t).

What do you think? Do you love Greenberg’s style or hate it? Do you agree that these are all staples to a male’s wardrobe? What did we miss? Let us know in a comment!

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