Deals, Deals, Deals

Someone please explain this to my parents…

I’ve had such a busy break and because of it, have had very little time to shop. Thankfully, my interview the other day was in SoHo, which is by far my favorite place to peruse when I need to get my fashion fix.

Although I didn’t go in with the intention of shopping, hello, I am me and couldn’t resist the allure of some of my favorite stores.

The best deals that I found though were in Urban Outfitter‘s sale section and Necessary Clothing.

UO already has a gigantic area dedicated to their sale items on their 3rd floor in their SoHo location, but because of their extra holiday sales, everything was an extra 50% off the sale price. Um, can you say cha-ching?

On the other hand, Necessary Clothing doesn’t need to have a sale section to have unbeatable prices.

Here’s what I scored:

  1. Skull Crop Button Up from NC: $25.99
  2. Neon Green Half-Button Up: $27.99 (NC’s website only has Black and Burgundy in stock though)
  3. Navy Half-Button Up: $27.99
  4. Kim Chi Blue High Waisted Velvet Shorts with Lace Trim: originally, these were $49.00, and had been reduced to $19.99. With the extra 50% off, they came out to.. $9.99
  5. Levi’s High Waisted Flair Jeans from UO: originally these were priced at $78, but had been reduced to $9.99. If that wasn’t insane enough, with the extra 50% off, I got these babies for… $4.99.

If you’re in the SoHo area this winter, I definitely recommend checking out both of these stores plus the sale racks at any of your other favorites. You never know what you’ll find!

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