I’ve been interning since my senior year of high school (I’m now a junior in college). After four previous internships, one current one, and one locked down for spring, my life has begun to feel like one giant #interngirlproblem.

As an intern, (most of the time) you’re working for no pay. The incentive is solely the experience it provides. That, and that at the end of your internship, you have something to add to your resume and a potentially great recommendation.

To be honest, sometimes, it starts to feel like all work with no tangible results.

This break, I started taking my experiences for granted. All I wanted to do was slow down and just sit on my couch and watch movies all day instead of waking up at 7am and commuting into the city four days a week.

So many of my friends just lay around, so why couldn’t I? My resume is already home to some amazing experience, why did I need any more?

I started to resent the whole idea of it all.

Then, I went on my first interview for a potential summer internship. It wasn’t at Vogue or some well-known, big name PR firm. But as I sat and outlined my experience verbally, it hit me: not once did I have to exaggerate or bullsh*t the people in front of me. I didn’t need to call my high school job at Abercrombie a fancy-sounding word to cover up what it really was: folding clothes and spraying cologne.

Instead, I could discuss the events I had planned, the pitches I had written, the bloggers I had pitched to, the blog posts I had composed, and how, even though I don’t want to be a fashion designer, I know what the difference is between a “sequin” and a “paillette.”

Yes, there may have been a few coffee runs, tons of errands, and a lot of Excel spreadsheets scattered in there, but all in all, I’ve learned more from my internships than I could from any classroom.

I got offered the position on the spot, and my interviewer flat out told me it was because of my long list of experience. Not taking the easy way out paid off.

So, next time you’re trying to decide whether to spend your break (any break!) catching up on every single On-Demand movie FiOs has to offer or interning/working, pick the latter. Trust me, it’ll pay off in the end.

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