“We LOVE Pink!”

Rachel McAdams is on the front of Glamour this month, and if you didn’t already see my tweet, I’m just a little tiny bit obsessed with, well, the whole issue.

McAdams makes me a) want to dye my hair blonde and only wear hot pink for the rest of eternity, and b) wish for this so called “winter” to end so I can wear brights on brights on brights.

Who knew the Valentine’s Day issue could be so fun!

Luckily, all my favorite online stores are one step ahead of me and are already stocking up on all things bright for spring. But what I’m lusting after most right now is the pink, red and orange color combos.

Here are my current bright favorites:

  1. Caroline Wedge – $39.99
  2. Color Block Dress – $35
  3. Striped Crop Sweater – $15.80
  4. Striped Lips Tank – $12.80
  5. Eden Leather Satchel – $455 (hey, a girl can dream)
Have you read the latest issue of Glamour? What did you think of McAdams’s styling? Let us know in a comment!

3 thoughts on ““We LOVE Pink!”

  1. Rachel McAdams is one of my favorites. I think she’s adorable, no matter what her look of the moment is, but I think she was never prettier than in the 40s style she wore in The Notebook.

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