Skater Girl

Since I normally interview for internships and intern in warmer weather, most of my “serious” clothing is either strictly summer appropriate, or still in my closet at school (oops).

So when I scheduled an interview and realized Binghamton was hosting an alumni networking event in the city, well, of course I used it as an excuse to shop!

I knew I wanted a plain, versatile black dress, but I wanted something with a little more oomph. Enter: the skater dress.

H&M – $17.95

I grabbed this baby without checking the price tag (and got very lucky), tried it on, and fell in love. Even though it’s black and long sleeved, the flouncy bottom makes it sexy, in an office-appropriate girly, feminine way.

While I’ll probably be wearing it bare-legged due to the freakishly warm NYC weather, how cute would it look with a pair of opaque gray tights and Mary Janes?!

If you like the skater dress concept but want something slightly sexier, ASOS has one with a lace-up back. Plus, it’s on sale for $30.91!

What do you think of the skater dress? Hate it or love it? Let us know in a comment!

2 thoughts on “Skater Girl

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