Here Kitty Kitty

I’m shamelessly addicted to anything and everything leopard. It’s the one print (I’m a solids kind of girl) that I’m immediately drawn to whenever I go shopping. I don’t know if it’s the sex appeal of it, the bad girl-esque vibe it gives off or just my overall obsession with big cats, but if it’s spotted, I need it.

That’s why I’ve literally found myself drooling over the glam marriage of faux fur coats and leopard print. Here are some budget-friendly options for anyone who feels the same way:

  1. Nasty Gal – $88
  2. Forever 21 – $37.80
  3. Nasty Gal – $78
  4. ASOS – $146
  5. Forever 21 – $62.80
  6. ASOS – $136

Pair any of these options with a simple pair of jeans (colored, even) and a white or black tee, and you have an instant look-at-me ensemble.

How do you feel about leopard print faux fur coats? How would you wear any of these options? Let us know in a comment!

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