Victoria’s Secret Does It Again

After watching the 2011 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last night on CBS, I’ve conjured up a list of things/skills I need to acquire immediately:

  • My own $2.5 million bra a la Miranda Kerr (totally recession chic, right?)
  • A superhero alter ego
  • Thigh-high white leather stiletto boots
  • The perfect sexy wink and many excuses to use it
  • ANY ACCENT. Seriously, any.
  • A year-round tan
  • Really sparkly, shiny, glittery lipgloss
  • Excuses to give the kissy face while wearing my really sparkly, shiny, glittery lipgloss
  • This sequin PINK hoodie (because who can say no to throwing that on before class?)
  • A reason to switch lives with Adriana Lima just for one day/an hour/five minutes

Oh, and I’ll also take a boyfriend as cute as Adam Levine is… 

On a more serious note, the show was unbelievable. My favorite collection was definitely the Super Angels, which had all the girls dressed in brightly colored ‘superhero’ costumes.

Nicki Minaj’s performance during the Club Pink collection literally had me smiling ear to ear also. The girls, donning neon, sequins, light up wings, tulle skirts, suspenders and shutter sunglasses, looked like they were about to go to an Avicii concert after the show ended.

Did you watch the Victoria’s Secret fashion show? What did you think? Which collection was your favorite? Let us know in a comment!

2 thoughts on “Victoria’s Secret Does It Again

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