Not Your Grandma’s Accessories

On my way back from NYC this weekend, my friend and I decided to stop for a quick shopping break at Forever 21. I purchased yet another button up and this bag (#7 below). I’ve been obsessing over tapestry accessories ever since.

I think the best part about these accessories is that they can easily be used all year around: they’re floral enough for spring and summer, but the colors and texture of the fabric can easily be incorporated into fall and winter outfits.

Here are some that I’ve added to my wishlist:

  1. Mini Sling Bag – $30
  2. Wallet – $12.80
  3. Pumps – $130
  4. Platforms – $130
  5. Coin Purse – $7.80
  6. Lita – $160
  7. Handbag – $16.80

2 thoughts on “Not Your Grandma’s Accessories

  1. honestly dont get me started on this post sarah jessica brovda parker. these accessories are just fugly and hidieous do u think they would ever fly in NYC i know for one binghamton does not have good style like whats that bar called anthonys or justin timberlakes? so i understand it can work there. do u think that i could walk through crimson the hottest club with dj yolo- like come onnnn. u know that wont work girlfriend. rethink ur image becuse ur gonna disapear off the social scene faster than yolo can say yolo

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