10 Things to Love About the Cold

It’s time to face a brutal reality: it’s officially fall, and in Binghamton, too often, the weather has been bordering on winter-in-Antarctica rather than those perfect crist, sunny days everyone loves.

While it’s hard to find the positives in the harsh weather when my tan lines no longer exist and I’m constantly moisturizing every inch of my body, there are some perks of the cold weather:

  1. Dark nail polish: Although I wear dark polish all year, something about a dark purple, red, blue or black polish against my now pale skin is so sexy.
  2. Oversized, comfy sweaters: There’s just nothing like throwing on a chunky sweater with a pair of leggings to run errands, go to class or just to lay around in.
  3. UGGs and other fall-only footwear: Yes, I definitely hate seeing my strappy sandals and wedges sitting in my closet begging to be worn, but there’s nothing like slipping my cold feet into UGGs, and definitely nothing hotter than zipping up my thigh-high suede boots.
  4. Holidays: Any season filled with great food, family and tons of excuses to dress up is my kind of season.
  5. Dramatic makeup: During the summer, a swipe of mascara, a little blush and some clear lipgloss are my makeup staples. But once the cold weather hits, I whip out the liquid eyeliner for winged eyes, layer on the mascara, and all of my lipsticks come out to play.
  6. Fall/winter TV shows: Summer TV just isn’t as good. My favorites? Dexter, Shameless, Homeland, How to Make It in America (Bryan Greenberg, call me!), and Grey’s Anatomy.
  7. Stockings: Another layer of clothing is definitely not something I want to deal with, but sheer black stockings instantly make any outfit fall appropriate and look oh so sexy at the same time.
  8. Coats: Pea coats, leather jackets, trench coats: they’re more than just protection from the cold, they’re a statement.
  9. Chunky jewelry: Piling on big rings, bracelets and necklaces during the summer may feel cumbersome (who wants to be hot and have heavy things rubbing against you?), but in the cold, they’re totally do-able.
  10. The color palette: Not only are the colors of the leaves gorgeous, but fall’s colors are totally luxe. My favorites are the jewel tones that start popping up this time of year.
What do you think? What’s your favorite part of fall? Let us know in a comment!

One thought on “10 Things to Love About the Cold

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