Heavy Metal

When I first spotted these Prada metallic platform Mary Janes this summer, I was smitten. Although I rarely wear silver anymore, mirror-like silver is one of my favorite things (one of the walls in my room is silver, along with my some of my throw pillows).

For a pair of shoes as sick as these, I’d throw all my gold jewelry to the wind (temporarily, of course).

I’ve been searching for an alternate to their excessive price tag every since… and this season, they’ve been springing up everywhere.

I’m totally imagining any pair of these with a black sequin or velvet dress for New Years Eve, or helping me pull out the stops with a dress for my 21st birthday.

Now I just have to decide which pair of them to buy! Oh, and if you can’t tell, I’m kind of on a shoe kick – no pun intended – right now.

  1. Steve Madden – $149
  2. ASOS – $99
  3. Topshop – $110
  4. Jeffrey Campbell – $139
What do you think? Are metallic shoes your thing, or are they too much for you? What would you pair them with? Let us know in a comment!

2 thoughts on “Heavy Metal

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