Dress Me Up

I own about 30 skirts, and since the beginning of the semester, the only time any of them have seen the light of day is when one of my friends borrows one.

Each night, I try on half of them, from plain bandage ones to trendy tribal print ones, and each night, I end up walking out in jeans or leather shorts instead.

Something about wearing a skirt makes me feel immature and like the a-typical college girl, but I’m starting to miss showing off my legs and looking more sexy and dressed up.

So, instead of reading Shakespeare like I should be, I’ve been spending my time hunting for new dresses and found some amazing choices, all within my budgetista price range:

Lulu*s – $59

Lulu*s – $36

ASOS – $44.93

Lulu*s – $87

ASOS – $44.93

Make Me Chic – $40

What do you think? Are you into tight skirts right now, or are you over them? Love or hate the idea of wearing a dress? Let us know in a comment!

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