Get The Look: The Playboy Club

I’ve never been a TV addict, but with the incredible invention of Free On-Demand right on my TV, along with sites like SideReel and Channel 131, it’s hard to find an excuse not to watch anything that looks remotely appealing. This year, instead of only tuning into my usual HBO and Showtime series, I’ve crossed over to the dark side and have begun watching cable TV. Specifically, The Playboy Club.

The show just got cancelled after a mere three episodes, and while I completely understand why (since the acting definitely was not award-winning, and the storyline was very unrealistic), the gorgeous cast, outfits and makeup would’ve been enough to keep me watching.

Here’s how can get a look similar to what the bunnies were rocking both day and night. (Tip: the bunny costume is restricted to Halloween and/or theme parties)

  1. High Waisted Trouser – $95
  2. Floral Bra – $140
  3. Mary Jane Flat – $17
  4. Cropped Sleeveless Turtleneck – $28

  1. Bodysuit
  2. Velvet Bow Collar – $20
  3. Bunny Tail – $1
  4. MAC Satin Lipstick in Red – $24
  5. Bunny Ears –  $6
  6. Playboy Key Necklace – $25
  7. NYX Super Fat Eye Marker – $10

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