White Hot

In the past few years, the rules of fashion have gone to the wind and anything goes, as long as it looks hot and put together, so whoever still says that white should be locked away after Labor Day is living under a rock. As long as you choose winter-friendly textures such as corduroy (as seen below), leather and knit wear, whites work during any season. Here’s how we’d style a cheap and chic pair of corduroy pants:

  1. Forever 21 Knit Trench Coat – $32.89
  2. Nordstrom Cuff – $58
  3. Forever 21 White Corduroy Pants – $24.90
  4. Topshop Wolf Burn Out T-shirt – $36
  5. Topshop Suede Platform Boots – $245

What do you think? Will you be wearing white this fall and winter? How will you take your summer whites into the new seasons? Let us know in a comment!

4 thoughts on “White Hot

  1. hola necesito saber costo de vivienda de dos doirstormoi, cocina comedor y baño para colocarla sobre plataforma sementada de 5,80 mtrs x 7mts. Agradecere su respuesta a la brevedad.

  2.   23 de Setembro de 2011Boa noite, rodrigo e Francisca!Em resposta a ambos os comentários: é claro que nem toda a gente consegue perceber que o pequeno-almoço é importante. E é por isso que o estudante virtual existe – estudantes tentam ajudar outros estudantes a melhorar o seu rendimento.Obrigado pelos comentários.Abraços!

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