Good Denim vs. Bad Denim

Denim is one of the most versatile materials. Depending on what you pair it with, it can be dressed up (heels, blazer, nice top), or dressed down (t-shirt, scarf, sneakers). However, there is always going to be good denim, which are pieces that are always acceptable, and bad denim, which should never be worn, no matter how big a denim craze gets. Here are some examples:

Shorts – H&M, White Shorts – Tommy Hillfiger, Skinny Jeans – Miss Selfridge, Jean Jacket – Topshop, Button-up – Debenhams, Blazer – Acne, Jeggings – AE, Vest – Only

  1. Shorts, Jeans & Jeggings: These forms of denim will always be in style. They’re versatile, simple, and absolutely staple pieces in any girl’s wardrobe. Throw on a dark wash pair for casual Friday at work, destroyed jean shorts for the beach (just make sure they’re not insanely short!), or a pair of jeggings with a tee for errands, and you’re set to go. White jeans are also crucial for every girl’s wardrobe, since they can be worn all throughout spring and summer as a more season-friendly version of plain jeans.
  2. Blazers: As long as the denim doesn’t look cheap or have too many buttons or pleats, a denim blazer is perfect for a more casual work environment. If the wash is light, it can even be thrown over a short summery dress to give it some polished structure. Darker washes are great too and can substitute your average blazer and give your outfit extra oomph.
  3. Jean Jackets & Vests: Although jean vests and jackets have made a comeback in recent years, I’ve always been a proponent of a great jean jacket. It has such an Americana feel, and is the perfect thing to throw on between spring and summer, as well as summer and fall. Jean vests instantly add edge to any outfit, and can be worn over anything, from dresses to vintage tees.
  4. Denim/Chambray Button-Ups: While a denim button-up may have triggered images of lumberjacks and Cowboys a year or two ago, these pieces have now transformed themselves as closet must-haves. They can be paired with tailored pants for a more professional look, worn with denim bottoms of the opposite wash, or thrown over a bathing suit for a quick beach cover up.

Bralet – Topshop, Bag – Lauren by Ralph Lauren, Cuff – Nine West, Baseball Cap – Gucci, Boot – UGG, Overalls – Sonia by Sonia Rykiel, Belted Dress – Net-a-Porter, Waistcoat – Peacocks, Shoes – Paris Hilton Flora, Playsuit – Miss Selfridge, Earrings – GUESS

  1. Bustiers, Bras and Bralets: Yes, I have seen bloggers who are waif-thin and can pull off a denim bralet with a pair of high-waisted shorts, but for most of the population, this trend is a huge no-no. It’s not flattering, and it’s more likely seen in some trashy bar in your hometown on some girl with huge hoop earrings and way too much makeup on than on a fashionista.
  2. Bags: A great bag is an investment piece. It should be made out of a durable, long lasting, luxurious material, such as leather. A denim bag, on the other hand, reminds me of the hideous purses I wore in middle school, which included Coach bags like this one. Not cute, not trendy, just cheap looking. Even when Louis Vuitton did denim years ago, no amount of LVs printed on it could save it from looking cheap. And yes, I had one in 8th grade.
  3. Shoes & Boots: There’s nothing trashier than a pair of denim shoes. Denim is a cheap material. It looks cheap on shoes. If you want a navy or blue shoe, do NOT go for denim. Plus, the only time an UGG-esque boot should be worn is during the depths of winter when you’re running errands in leggings or on a college campus, and they should be a neutral color.
  4. Dresses & Skirts: When was the last time you saw someone in a denim dress and said to yourself, “Wow, that is one classy chick?” The same goes for jean skirts. I don’t care if Claudia Schiffer wore a Stella McCartney jean skirt and looked like she walked out of the 70s. It isn’t flattering, and most of us aren’t Claudia Schiffer.
  5. Playsuits, Waistcoats & Overalls: If you wear this trend, you will look like a farmer. I don’t care if you bought it for $500 on Net-a-Porter, or got it from the vintage store that Mary Kate and Ashley shop at on the daily. You look like you are going to drive a tractor, and you should probably wear your hair in tightly curled pigtails.
  6. Hats & Jewelry: If you are attracted to denim hats (especially that Gucci one) or jewelry, all I can advise you to do is find a rapper to be your boyfriend, or transport yourself back to the 90s and become Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears’s love child.
What do you think? Do you agree that there is definitely good denim and bad denim, or would you wear denim anything? Let us know in a comment!

5 thoughts on “Good Denim vs. Bad Denim

  1. I disagree on some denim skirts, if you wear the floaty ones made out of a chambray denim, they look really cute, the Heartloom one is a classic and it’s a lovely denim skirt :)

    • I definitely agree that a flouncier, chambray skirt is totally wearable! When I said jean skirts, I meant more Abercrombie-circa-2003-esque (aka frayed bottoms, super short). I actually purchased a dress that’s a white tank attached to a flouncy chambray skirt, and it’s one of my go-to pieces for a comfy daytime outfit!

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