Ten Things

1) Summer nights

Although my parents’ wallets probably don’t appreciate it, I’ve been going out… a lot. More than I did last summer, especially during the week. There’s just something about grabbing dinners and drinks after a full day of work with old and new friends that makes the whole day feel complete.

2) Colored jeans

I recently whipped out a pair of bright blue Forever 21 jeans that I knew I would wear again someday after purchasing them in high school, and my red H&M pair have definitely been getting some use. Have you tried out this trend yet?

3) Being matchy-matchy

Last week, I purchased this blazer and these shorts from H&M in hot pink and wore them together to work the next day in an outfit similar to the one above. I was hesitant to wear the two pieces together for all of three minutes before I decided it was the happiest outfit I owned. The compliments (and stares) I received were endless, even though part of me felt like Corporate Slut Barbie. And, there’s just nothing that can put me in a better mood than an all pink (my favorite color) ensemble.

4) Gay marriage becoming legal in NY!

Finally, New York enters 2011 and legalizes gay marriage!

5) Tourists

As much as I can’t stand walking through Times Square, hearing various accents wherever you go in NYC this time of year is beyond cool (especially when the accent is coming out of a cute guy’s mouth).

6) Facebook chat

…making it completely less creepy to randomly talk to people you haven’t spoken to in years, therefore providing me with endless entertainment every time I log in.

7) That perfect worn in sweater that’s ideal for cool summer nights

Mine is a big, comfy one from Forever 21 that looks perfect with shorts, jeans, cargo pants, etc. What’s yours?

8) “You and I” by Lady Gaga

I can’t get enough of this song.

9) Analyzing magazines

Last week, I spent a ton of time tagging magazines at work – especially the ones in our competitive set – from September issues to July ones. Basically, I know every single one inside and out, and I have no complaints (especially since that’s part of my PR homework).

10) Meeting new people

Going out as much as I have been has warranted meeting a ton of new people, which is one of my favorite things to do. Being in school all year, you don’t meet a ton of new people on a regular basis the same way you do going out to a bar or club, which is why summertime is the perfect time to extend your socializing.

What are your top ten favorite things from last week? Did you see or do anything exciting? Let us know in a comment!

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