Neon vs. Neutral

While walking through the city, it’s undeniable that neons and neutrals are two of the hottest trends right now… But the best part is the way everyone’s mixing together these two color palettes.

I’ve seen girls with neutral, everyday bags that they’ve probably owned for years weaving neon-colored ribbon through the chains, or tying on a crazy bright scarf. I’ve also seen plain-Jane shift dresses in neutral colors become a totally different animal with a pair of bright, color blocked heels. The possibilities of this trend are endless.

For work, I’ll definitely be pairing a bright colored tank top or shoes with muted pants and a blazer. Here are some great pieces you can mix-and-match to come out with the ultimately cool mix of neons and neutrals.

  1. Platform Sandals – Zara
  2. Ring – Topshop
  3. Monokini – Charlotte Russe
  4. Feather Earring – Peacocks
  5. Camera Bag – River Island
  6. Nail Polish in Gamma – Illamasqua
  7. Friendship Bracelet – Michelle Roy
  8. Watch – John Lewis
  9. Leather Pouch – American Apparel
  10. Scarf – Topshop
  11. Jeans – Dorothy Perkins
  12. Skirt – Pleasure Doing Business
  13. Nail Polish in Sarah Smile – Deborah Lippmann
  14. Tank Top – Agent NinetyNine
  15. Lipgloss in Striptease – NARS
  16. Watch – Timex
  17. Heels – ALDO
  18. Bag – Zara
  19. Bikini – H&M
  20. Bangles – ALDO
Will you be pairing any of these gorgeous pieces together? How are you wearing these two trends? Is your personality more neutral or neon? Let us know in a comment!

3 thoughts on “Neon vs. Neutral

  1. Since and and debuted the look on its runway for S S 11 Neon Neutral has been on everyones minds I can only speak for myself actually ..The look marries a simple neutral palette with a pop of neon color. I know you will have a blast with it too!.I cant decide whether Im going to go big with the neon or small for a pop of color like an accessory nail polish lipstick . Then you can get started!. Bloggers Do It Better has a new home within PSS.

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