Inspired by: Blake Lively

If you haven’t read through the latest issue of Glamour, you’re probably living under a rock. With Blake Lively as Karl Lagerfeld’s muse and the new face of Chanel’s Madamoiselle bags, along with her new title of “Leonardo DiCaprio’s Girlfriend,” she’s all anyone is talking about. Oh, and then there’s the whole naked picture thing, but that’s a different story.

Although I didn’t love the profile/interview with Blake, in which Florence Welch of Florence and The Machine interviews her, the spread of Blake pictures was to die for. The outfits were perfect, the makeup was flawless and she looked spectacular.

Basically, if you don’t already want to be Blake, you’ll want to be her after getting your hands on the magazine. So, to assuage the reality of me never being Blake (and most tragic of all, never being Leo’s girlfriend), I’ve pulled together some pieces inspired by the shoot. Here’s how to get Blake’s look:

Look 1

  1. Hat (top)
  2. Hat (bottom)
  3. Ring

Look 2

  1. T-shirt
  2. Suede shorts
  3. Cuff

Look 3

  1. Sweater
  2. Lace shorts

Look 4

  1. White jeans
  2. Chiffon polka dot top
  3. Silk polka dot top
  4. Red sling backs
  5. Red pumps

Look 5

  1. Dress
Did you read the June issue of Glamour? What did you think of Blake Lively in it? Love it, or hate it? Would you rock any of these looks? Let us know in a comment!

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