Product to Try: Conair’s Take on ‘The Wand’

If you’re even the slightest bit beauty obsessed, chances are, you’ve heard about ‘The Wand.’ Sedu, Enzo Milano, Nume and a bunch of other companies came out with a curling iron that has no clip – it’s merely a heated rod that comes with a special glove so you can twist your hair around it without getting burnt.

At first, this device seems menacing. If you’re me, your immediate reaction is that it’s more like a heated sword than a curling iron.

Over one of my breaks from school, I went to my family friend’s house. I immediately spotted this device on her vanity and asked about it. She gave me the 411: you put the glove on, you wrap your hair around the barrel, and after holding it for a few seconds, you release your hair and find yourself with perfect waves.

Well, I am not someone who has ever been able to curl my hair. I’ve gone through two curling irons, one a Hot Tools and the other a Conair, and both, because of their clips, have left me looking like a pageant girl gone terribly wrong. I always ended up with too-curly curls and weird dents, even after several lessons with my hair stylist. And, the one time I remember getting it right? The curls fell out in an hour or so. So, I gave up, and have lived a happy life filled with totally straight hair for the past 19 years.

But, after I tried this puppy out, after nearly burning my hand off as I tried to get used to it, my life was changed. I had waves! Perfect, flowy, Lauren Conrad-esque waves! I needed to own a Wand of my own. So I asked my friend how much it was. Basically, it was way over $50. And I was not down to spend that much on something I wasn’t sure I was going to use on a regular basis. But I had to have it!

So, I Googled and discovered that Conair had come out with a Wand of their own. I rushed to my local CVS and picked one up… for a mere $28. And honestly, it was one of my best hair investments.

My hair has never looked this good any other way but straight. It curls! It gets those beachy waves that I never could do! I can make it look like I have volume, and body! I can make it look like I paid for a great blow out!

Plus, for the summer, I no longer have to worry about my hair going from straight to frizzy, because now I have curls that look even better after they’ve hit the air. And, it takes half the time of my flat ironing routine.

If you’ve had issues with curling irons in the past, I recommend investing in one of Conair’s Wands. With a few minutes of practice, you’ll be curling your hair like a pro.

Have you had issues with curling irons in the past? Have you tried a Wand? Will you be trying it now? Would you like to see a how-to video with The Wand? Let us know in a comment!

4 thoughts on “Product to Try: Conair’s Take on ‘The Wand’

  1. I’d love a How To video. I’m the same as you in that I’ve tried them in the past and now it sits in my drawer because I just can’t get it right. I’ve seen people use the wand but for some reason my handling of it just isn’t solid yet. I guess I have to try it for myself. You make a convincing argument my dear.

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