Ten Things

Inspired by two of my favorite bloggers (Gala’s ‘Things I Love Thursday’ and Emily’s weekly ‘Five Things’), I’ve decided to comprise a weekly list of ten things that are currently inspiring me, making me smile, and keeping me motivated.

1) Funny Twitters

@oldmansearch is the Twitter of an 81-year-old man whose son is teaching him how to use the internet. And by use the internet, what I mean is that his son has him believing that Twitter is a search engine. Everything he tweets is what he’s actually trying to search. My mom and I were laughing so hard that we cried as we read through the tweets.

2) Beauty Blogs

Lauren Conrad’s new blog, The Beauty Department. Although I’ve never been on Team Lauren (the only character on The Hills who I really loved was Whitney), Lauren’s new blog endeavor with Kristin Ess and Amy Nadine is absolutely to die for. It’s so organized, provides great tutorials and is just so fun to read.

3) Adele’s “Someone Like You”

The perfect sad love song.

4) Home Videos

My friends made fun of my all year for constantly videotaping our nights out. But, I’m the one with the last laugh, since I just compiled them all into a video slideshow that makes us all laugh, get teary-eyed and miss each other ridiculous amounts.

5) Motivational Blogs

The NYC PR Girls blog makes me want to go out and take on the world. They do amazing PRofiles (get it? Profiles on girls working in the PR world?), provide great resources and tips, let you in on the best places to go in NYC, and generally are a great place to find everything you need to know about being a PR girl.

6) Shiny Things

I’m lusting over these Prada shoes right now. Anyone have approximately $700 laying around that they’d want to donate to (or is ‘invest in’ a better term, since I could probably take over the world in these) me so that I can snag a pair of these babies?

7) Getting Impromptu Blow-Outs

Last Wednesday, my amazing boss invited me to get my hair blown out with her mid-day, since she had an event that night, and it was the best treat ever! Leaving the office for an hour and coming back with freshly done locks was awesome – especially since I had been feeling under the weather.

8) The Perfect Dress for Work & Play

Last weekend, I scored this dress for $14.50 at Forever 21, and it’s definitely one of the most versatile pieces I’ve bought in awhile. I can totally see myself taking this dress from day to night. I’m thinking blazer and heels for work, and going bare for dinner with my friends. Plus, it’s the perfect dress to throw on with a pair of Converse to run errands in, or to throw on for an impromptu lunch.

9) Netflix & HBO Go

I am addicted to documentaries. Specifically ones involving lions, tigers or any other big cat. I also have a weakness for reruns of 30 Rock, The Hills, and Family Guy. Oh, and a weakness for movies. Since I’ve been sick since Thursday, I’ve been living on Netflix and HBO Go, watching episodes that I’ve seen hundreds of times and trying to get through Game of Thrones (every episode feels like a movie!).

10) Making Plans

Since I have been sick, I’ve felt restless and useless, and completely left out of the outside world. But, being bedridden has made me realize just how fast the summer is going by. So, once I’m up and about again, I’m vowing to take advantage of dinners in the city with my friends (which, whether they like it or not, will be followed by karaoke), weekends in the sun, and just the general blissful feeling I get during the summer.

What’s on your list this week?

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