All I’ve been doing since summer began is working and laying in the sun. Rough life, I know. For work, I wear a pair of ballet slippers (whether they be my classic black Tory Burch Revas, a great black pair of Sam Edelman’s or my one white pair from Charles David) to commute and then slip on heels when I get into my office. For my weekends, a pair of flip flops or great sandals normally does the trick.

After I ordered a new pair of pink Converse, I realized that while automatically opting for ballet flats, heels and sandals, I’ve been skipping over so many summer-appropriate shoes! There are my Sperry’s, which I’ve completely neglected, and my four pairs of Converse, which are perfect with a floral dress to run errands. I’ve also been leaving my Vans behind, and they could be the perfect punk accessory to complete a boring outfit.

Here are 9 shoes that will keep you out of your sandal comfort zone, yet still scream summer. Plus, they’re perfect for hiding a not-so-perfect pedicure that has endured a weekend of sand and surf.

  1. Converse – $45
  2. Sperry – $129
  3. Steve Madden – $100
  4. Keds – $35
  5. Sperry – $90
  6. Vans – $47
  7. Zara – $70
  8. Sperry – $85
  9. Vans – $42
What are your go-to shoes for summer when you’re not in the mood to wear sandals?

4 thoughts on “San-dull

  1. Love these shoes. I’m very stuck in my comfort zone despite my shoe fetish but these are definitely cute shoes I’d put on. What about moccasins too?

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