The Summer Bucket List

I haven’t really made any major moves yet this summer. Besides working, a few trips to the city and a few trips to the beach, I’ve been pretty lazy. Until now, I’ve had no complaints about it. But, now that I’m sick only a few weeks into my summer break, I’m feeling restless and unaccomplished. In the past few days, I’ve watched way too many movies, eaten way too many snacks, and felt completely useless as I lay in bed.

Being in this state reminds me of all the things I promise myself that I’ll do at the beginning of every summer, but often don’t get around to. To make this ‘bucket list’ more official, I’m sharing it with my readers, so I’ll feel more obligated to do everything.

To Do:

  1. Go to a Mets game
  2. Visit the Alexander McQueen exhibit at The Met
  3. Learn how to cook (so I can take total advantage of my kitchen next year)
  4. Visit Six Flags (since I overcame my fear of rollercoasters!) and Splish Splash (since I’ve always loved water parks)
  5. Ride bikes to the beach with my friends
  6. Have BBQs that run late into the night
  7. Drive my mom’s convertible anywhere she’ll let me
  8. Go to the zoo (to see the big cats, of course) and aquarium
  9. Blog at least every other day
  10. Go to new beaches
  11. Try new looks (hair, makeup and clothing) on a regular basis
  12. See ‘Friends with Benefits’
  13. Find the perfect decorations, bedding, etc. for my new room at school
  14. Go to a concert (don’t even care who it is) outdoors
  15. Spend a day in Central Park
  16. Take lots of pictures and videos
  17. Go to the gym often!
  18. Attend after-work happy hours as often as possible
What does your summer bucket list look like?

One thought on “The Summer Bucket List

  1. Sarah! I just love this. Its a perfect bucket list! I love your posts. I can hear your voice when you write them and can tell that your great writing is done quite effortlessly! Keep em comin!

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