Say No To Feather Extensions

I totally loved the feather extension trend when I first saw them being used by Free People last fall, and when one of my best friends came home from Florida rocking them in February, I definitely considered finding a salon to get my own feathers. But, now that every celebrity along with the entire world and their dog has feathers peeking through their hair, I’m really over this trend.

And now, after reading this article, I’m even more over it. As you’ll read in the article, these feathers are from roosters that are genetically bred to produce this type of feather, which is normally used as bait in fly fishing. Although I’m not a vegetarian and don’t advocate animal rights on my bumper stickers, when it comes to something like fashion, especially a disposable hair accessory, hurting animals is definitely not on-trend to me. Plus, people are paying ridiculous prices for these extensions because the demand has sky rocketed! It’s no longer fashion-forward, in my opinion. If you’re getting feathered now, you’re doing it because a magazine told you to.

Let’s find a new hair trend to latch on to, or develop a more animal friendly version of this one. Any ideas, ladies?

4 thoughts on “Say No To Feather Extensions

  1. I bought fake feather hair extensions I would never pay $80 or more dollars just to get that in my hair. And I love animals and would never want to hurt them. That is why I bought fake ones.

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