Balmain Mania

By far the sickest Leighton Meester has ever looked (and we all know she always looks sick) was at the MTV Movie Awards. I’m loving everything about this: the blonde hair, the muted, glossy lips, the eyes, and most of all, the killer, surreal, unbelievable Balmain dress from the Fall 2011 collection. Literally, this dress is a piece of art.

I’m always about sparkle. I love a great sequin dress (I still lust over Sophia Bush’s dress on this episode of One Tree Hill), and Leighton has that rocker glam vibe that can totally pull this dress off.

What’s your take on glitter, mirrors and sequins? Are they just a celebrity thing?

3 thoughts on “Balmain Mania

    • Can’t say I love it! It’s definitely amazing and totally cool, but Kristen tries too hard to be that rocker chick, and it seems very forced. Her hair also matches her dress kind of! Leighton looks much more effortless to me. Who did you think looked better?

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