Intern Life

Forever 21 trench coat, white button-up, necklace and shoes, H&M jeans, Hermes belt, Michael Kors watch, Essie nail polish

Another summer, another internship. I’m typing this post from bed (yes, before 11pm), because I can hardly move. After not waking up before 9am for the majority of my school year, waking up at 6:30am has taken a major toll on me.

I’m interning in the advertising department of a magazine (you’ll just have to guess which), which means I get to be work-trendy. AKA, I’m in heaven. I’ve basically accumulated a new wardrobe since I can’t seem to put my credit card down for long enough to stop buying blazers and high waisted shorts – oops.

I’ve also decided to make this blog more personal and post pictures of my own outfits (as you can see). This was what I wore on my second day of work (since I veered on more conservative for my first day). Feel free to share your thoughts, compliments and critiques!

Where are you interning this summer? What are you wearing? Let me know in a comment!

6 thoughts on “Intern Life

    • Thank you for your sweet comment! It’s all about mixing high and low priced pieces. The Hermes belt was a great investment because it goes with everything!

      Thanks for featuring 15MG on your nail polish post, too! Your nails looked awesome :)

  1. Interning at the U.S. Capitol Building in DC with my Senator. Check out my blog some time.
    I have to wear business formal while the senate is in session and then business casual out of session and on fridays

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