Whites & Brights

Forever21 was absolute heaven yesterday. I was in a shopping coma once I got home. Here’s what I scored for spring:

  1. White Cropped Jean Jacket – $22.80
  2. Metallic Laced Poncho – $17.80
  3. Oversized Button-up – $19.80
  4. Neon Yellow Tank – $9.80
  5. Zebra Ring – $3.80
  6. Faire Isle Sweater – $17.80
  7. Crocheted Sweater – $15.80
  8. Cropped Button-up – $15.80

I also found amazing stuff at H&M, including a pair of red-orange skinny jeans and an awesome braided yellow belt. Forever and H&M are so on-trend for spring, and extremely affordable, so updating your wardrobe with whites, neons, neutrals and florals is easy.

PS: Currently obsessing over Essie’s neon orange, “Bright Tights.” Paired with the zebra ring from above, my hands instantly put me in a better mood.

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