Diary of a PR Intern

I forgot how nice it feels to be working on a routine schedule. If you followed me during my days as an intern at College Fashion, you may have already read my Diary of a PR Intern in New York City series. For those who don’t know, I interned for two months at a PR firm last summer. And now, for two weeks during my winter break, I’m back in the office helping out.

Although the commute is awful, especially in the freezing cold (can someone please turn up the thermostat in NYC?), I love every minute of being in the office.

Why do I love working, you ask?

1) I have a five week break…

…which can get extremely boring. So, it’s nice to have something to occupy my days until I go back to school. Busy hands are definitely happy hands.

2) I’m working with beauty brands!

My obsession with makeup gets more intense each day. For the past year, I’ve been experimenting with everything, from eye makeup to lip color to my moisturizing routine. So, the fact that I’m working in the beauty department of the firm ain’t so bad. Plus, I get to create pitches that center around our makeup and skincare products and research tons of beauty blogs.

3) I have an excuse to dress up everyday

Although waking up at 6:30am isn’t ideal, putting together my outfits is always fun for me. I love how I look in more structured pieces which don’t always make it to my classes at school, so any excuse to wear a cool blazer and high waisted slacks is perfect with me.

4) I’m in NYC!

There’s just nothing like being in the city. Even in this horrible cold, I can’t help but walk past my subway and trek the 25+ blocks to Penn Station just so I can take everything about the city in. You’d think that after living in New York my whole life and going into the city more times than I can count that I’d be used to it already, but I just can’t help the adrenaline rush I get walking down the street.

5) I get to see what my efforts have accomplished

After pitching products all last summer, one specific blogger went above and beyond what we expected in her coverage of our brand. She wrote several posts gushing about how fabulous the products were! And better yet, when I arrived at the office last week, I was shown a two-page spread said blogger got last month in Elle magazine, where she plugged our products several times! So, all of those pitches and e-mails were totally worth it.

If you have the opportunity to intern or even take a job somewhere that piques your interest, take it! It may drain you (I’ve been laying in bed since 8:45pm), but there’s nothing that can replace or amount to experience.

Are you applying for a summer job or internship? Where are you applying? Let us know in a comment!

2 thoughts on “Diary of a PR Intern

  1. Congrats :)
    I am a PR major myself and want to work for a fashion industry !!!
    This summer I start my internship don’t know where as yet hoping a magazine/newspaper !!!
    I love the whole PR industry so anticipating it :)

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