Beauty Review: LA Splash Diamond Dust

LA Splash’s Diamond Dust eyeshadow in Bronzed Platinum was sent to me by the lovely team at LA Splash, along with a few other great buys, but this one was definitely my favorite.

I don’t know how, but LA Splash packs an insane amount of pigment into all their products. My mom has been rocking a different shade of their liquid eyeliner everyday this week, and whether it’s a black or a bright blue, each color makes her eyes truly pop! The lipglosses are extremely shiny and punchy as well.

The Diamond Dust loose eyeshadows are no different. The only thing that’s bad about them? The color is so vivid that you can’t really layer it. In one sweep, you have extremely vivid color, but layer on the color and you can look extremely overdone very fast.

Look at how gorgeous this color is! It’s packed with color, shimmer and the texture is butter soft. I applied it with my finger, and I can’t even explain how easily it went onto my lid.

To me, these eyeshadows would be perfect for a night of clubbing, theme parties, Halloween, or any other occasion where sparkly, high-definition makeup is appropriate.

Each of these shadows is $8.99, which is an unbeatable price for such an amazing product. Find them in Duane Reade, or on LA Splash’s website! I definitely recommend giving these babies a whirl, along with their liquid eyeliner. For the amazingly low price, you won’t be disappointed in either LA Splash product.

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