If I Could Have Anything This Fall…

…and had infinite amounts of money, this is what I would be buying:

  1. Chloe Wedged Ankle Boot
  2. Fahri by Nicole Fahri Leather Jacket
  3. Forever 21 Polka Dot Shoes
  4. American Apparel Cable Knit Socks
  5. Forever 21 Suedette Booties
  6. Forever 21 Lace Top
  7. Topshop T-shirt (see how I would style it here)
  8. Kenneth Jay Lane White Stone Necklace
  9. Topshop Blazer
  10. Marc by Marc Jacobs Little Ukita Leather Bag
  11. MAC Venomous Villains Collection (yes, the entire collection)
  12. Michael Kors Tortoise Shell Watch
  13. Prisoner of Today Cage Knit
  14. Aurélie Bidermann Snake Ring
  15. Forever 21 Sweater Dress (see how I would style it here)
  16. Forever 21 Sweatpants
  17. Arden B. Gold Sequin Tube Dress
  18. YSL Leopard Print Cashmere Scarf
  19. Isabel Marant Red Leather Pants (find out how to wear red pants here)
  20. YSL Gold Plated Necklace
  21. Giuseppe Zanoti Leopard Wedges
  22. Madewell Denim Button-up (see how I styled it and how to rock a denim shirt here)
  23. Kenneth Jay Lane Cuff

What do you think?

If you could buy anything this fall, what would it be? What have you purchased that makes you excited for fall just so you can wear it? Let us know in a comment!

6 thoughts on “If I Could Have Anything This Fall…

  1. @CultureChoc2010 – My mom always tells me I need to find a rich husband because no matter what job I have, it’ll never be enough dough for all the things I “need” ;)

    @Mia and Maki – Although I agree with most of your post on how guys see our fashion, unless you’re going on a date, seeing a crush or anything along those lines, women tend to dress for themselves and for other women. So if harem pants make you feel fashion-forward and confident, I say wear them! But, if you’re trying to look hot for your boyfriend, I’d skip many trends :)

  2. @Sarah, agreed. You KNOW I love your posts, you’re always spot on. I think as women we all can agree that we’re dressing for ourselves and each other. Men hardly understand half the things we do, and fashion is no different! Those suede booties are to DIE! Have you seen a non-Forever 21 version around? I’m still upset I haven’t gotten my clogs yet! At least I have all Fall and winter to wear them though!

  3. I found about your blog from http://www.collegefashion.net (for some reason you don’t post anymore – is it because you stopped writing there?) a while back and I’ve never commented before but I finally am now! Wow, long sentence LOL. :) Anyways I love this post!!! I absolutely LOVE that leather jacket!!!


  4. @Bee – I’m no longer interning with College Fashion, but I’m so happy to have you following me here! So glad you love the post! Stay tuned for some amazing stuff coming from 15 Minute Goddess! xo

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