The 8 New Things That Make Any Guy Instantly Hotter

It seems like left and right, guys I know (or at least ones that I’m Facebook friends with) are doing big things: whether it’s making YouTube videos, or starting creative and hilarious blogs, they’re commanding serious attention.

So, I got to thinking about what guys are doing lately that increases their hot factor ten fold when us girls get wind of it. Here’s what I came up with:

1) He Has His Own Funny, Informative, or Snarky Blog

I, for one, am a total sucker for hearing hilarious stories of drunken debauchery, and a guy who can write them out in a way that makes me still want to go party with him? I’m in.

2) His Internship or Job is More Than Sitting at a Desk Crunching Numbers

How cool is a guy who loves his job, wants to tell you all about it, and it’s something you actually enjoy hearing about (and you even understand it!)? Instant points for a guy with an interesting job.

3) He Made a YouTube Video

I think it takes a brave guy to get in front of a camera, whether it’s rapping about his favorite athlete or doing a parody of a popular song. Whatever it is, he has to be creative and gutsy. Even better: the video gets thousands of hits, and you can’t help but want to send it to all of your friends.

4) He Makes You, and Everyone Around Him, Laugh

This is an obvious one, but still worth mentioning! Marilyn Monroe once said, “If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything,” and it’s still true. Funny guys finish first.

5) He Dresses Well Without Trying

I’m all for a guy dressing well, as long if it means it comes naturally, and doesn’t require five outfit changes, 3 opinions and more time than me in front of the mirror. Any guy who dresses well is worth keeping, especially for us fashionistas.

6) He Has His Own Pet

…which means he’s sweet, caring, responsible and capable of taking care of himself and another living, breathing thing. Clearly his family did something right!

7) He’s Independent

Whether it’s financially, or the fact that he got to where he is on his own, a guy who can do it all on his own is definitely a keeper.

8) He loves to spend time with his family

How can you not love a guy who loves his fam?!

What do you think?

Are these 8 characteristics a turn on or turn off for you? What’s your favorite quality in a guy? What makes someone instantly more attractive? Let us know in a comment!

3 thoughts on “The 8 New Things That Make Any Guy Instantly Hotter

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