Beauty Review: LASplash Liquid Eyeliner

Is it Lust or Love? LOVE!

I recently came across the LASplash line in my local Duane Reade. Although most of the other products LASplash offers didn’t immediately catch my eye, the liquid eyeliners were calling my name.

I purchased the liner in Shipwreck Copper, since I’m going through a very big copper stage, and I have to say, this liquid eyeliner did NOT dissappoint. For under $7 (I don’t remember the exact price, but on ULTA, they’re listed as $6.49), this eyeliner is vivid and long-lasting. It has extreme shimmer, but when it’s on the eye, it does not look trashy or overly flashy. Instead, it makes your eyes pop!

Although it comes off easily with makeup remover, or mere soap and water, it won’t fade on its own – it stays put, and looks like you applied it moments before, even through long nights out.

The length of the brush’s handle is also amazingly long, which makes it so easy to handle. It’s almost like holding a pen or a pencil. I’ve mentioned in the past how I’ve only recently began mastering the art of lining my upper lashes, so I still tend to stick to products that are easy to sweep across my lash line: this product is definitely perfect for a liquid liner beginner. It takes only seconds to get a perfectly lined eyelid.

LASplash’s liquid eyeliners come in a huge selection of colors, from bright turquoise to plain-Jane black. I still only have the copper, since I wanted to test drive it before purchasing all my favorite colors, but I’m definitely taking a special trip to Duane Reade just for these babies.

And, for under $7, I have no problem investing in all of them and it’s on its way to becoming a staple in my makeup bag.

What do you think?

Will you be trying LASplash’s liquid eyeliner? Was this review helpful? What’s your favorite liquid eyeliner? Let us know in a comment!

8 thoughts on “Beauty Review: LASplash Liquid Eyeliner

  1. I love ELF’s liquid liner pen, its like a felt tip pen, that’s liquid liner, you can’t mess it up! MAC recently came out with a liquid liner pen as well, I tried it, worked just as well, but its $15 more than ELF!


  2. Love it! Im a big fan of black eyeliner but also liners in special colors. Sometimes theyre hard to find in a color that fits me. Copper looks like a great color. Hopefully I can find an ULTA nearby

  3. @Lauren – If you want a neutral color that tends to work for most tones, try the copper, browns, black-brown, navy or gray! Those colors tend to be the most flattering on a large range of skin tones. Let us know what you think!

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