Where The Budgetista Shops Online

I am the queen of shopping. I can walk into any store, find a great piece for a great price and will be complimented on it wherever I go. It’s a gift, I know. Instead of keeping the secrets of budget-friendly shopping to myself, I’m going to share them with you! Here are some of the best resources for online shopping:

  1. Beyond the Rack: My favorite of all the designers-for-less sites that are popping up, this is my go-to for when I want something a little higher end without the high price tag. I’d recommend using Beyond the Rack when you need a great, versatile dress to take you through a few upcoming occasions.
  2. ShopStyle: ShopStyle lets you customize your exact searches and parameters by everything from type of clothing to price range, so you control the results from various stores all over the web. No more being teased by high prices, because you knock those out of the running!
  3. Ebates: I just got introduced to this site by one of my best friends (Hi Di!), and although it seems too good to be true, she swears it’s real! Ebates brings you to a million of the web’s biggest retailers, from Nordstrom to Drugstore.com, and after you make your purchase, you’ll receive a check in the mail for a percentage of your order price back!
  4. Uniqlo: I like to think of this as the American Apparel of Japan. Get every single one of your basics for jaw dropping (in a good way) prices.
  5. Forever21: Well, duh.
  6. Ideeli: Another one of my favorite designers-for-less sites, Ideeli has everything, from jewelry to yoga gear. Get your designer fix without maxing out your credit cards instantly.
  7. Esty: From Macbook accessories to rings to handmade trinkets, Etsy has everything you can think of, all at amazing prices, and all totally unique. Many things for sale are handmade or vintage, too!
  8. Gilt: The original designer-for-less site. Can’t get enough!
  9. Rue La La: Although not my favorite, I have found some amazing deals on Rue La La. Another designer-for-less site.
  10. LULUS: A strictly online store, this site has a large range of prices, but most are completely reasonable. Although they carry some designers, most of the site is no-name brands with beautiful designs.
  11. Marlena’s Closet Clearance: Cheap makeup!
  12. Retail Me Not: The place to go for coupon codes and online promotions. Totally up-to-date and amazing.
  13. Ebay: Do not underestimate the power of Ebay. They have everything!

What do you think?

What’s your cheap shopping secret? Where do you find the best deals? What’s your list of favorite places to shop? Let us know in a comment!

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