Beauty Goddess: What You Need Now

I’ve been finding some amazing beauty buys lately, so I thought I’d share with you. Buy any or all of these, and get to work experimenting!

SENSAI 38°C Mascara – $25

I know I’ve mentioned how much I love SENSAI mascara, but that’s when I only used the Limited Edition Smoky Green color. I finally got my hands on a plain black, and it’s the newest staple to my makeup bag.

It does NOT budge unless taken off with warm water. And, my lashes have never been more defined. My friend (who happens to have the most amazing lashes ever) even commented on them, and that was after my makeup had already been on for hours. I recommend this to all of my friends, so now I’m recommending it to my readers: get some!

Sephora Waterproof Smoky Cream Liner $10

If you’re a beauty junkie like myself (or a beauty blog junkie at least), you’ve definitely heard about the Make Up For Ever Aqua Creams that are made to be used for eyes, lips and cheeks (depending on the color). Although I have tried it, and it is incredible and so pigmented, I couldn’t bring myself  to spend $22 on a small jar of this stuff no matter how long I’d been lusting over it.

Grass is Greener

But, thank goodness for Sephora who introduced a similar product for only $10. It’s waterproof, and each color is so vivid! I’m obsessed with “Grass is Greener” (left), but I’m going back as soon as I can to get all the colors I want, including “Electric Teal” (a gorgeous teal-turquoise) and “The Deep End” (a bright blue). For $10, I’m definitely going to experiment with each and every color.

SENSAI Smoothing Water Make-up Base $45

I know, I know, I’m obsessed with SENSAI and they definitely aren’t a drugstore brand, but after using this primer for a few weeks, I just have to tell you about it.

As an intern in the city during the summer, commuting each day was not fun: hot subways, sweaty walks to lunch, and everywhere you go is crowded with tourists. Factor in that I tended to be in a blazer or slacks, and you can imagine what kind of makeup meltdown happened. Each day, I’d blot my face with a paper towel before going into the office.

But, once I started using this makeup base (I had never used a primer before), when I looked down at my white paper towel, there were no longer streaks of blush and bronzer on it. Instead, it was clean!

This primer acts like double sided tape: the side that’s on your skin keeps it moisturized all day without getting oily and the side that’s on your makeup keeps it in place even in the hottest of weather. Plus, my skin has never been clearer!

What do you think?

Will you be trying any of these products? What’s your favorite beauty product right now? Tell us your biggest beauty secret!

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