How To… Wear Red Pants

One of my favorite fall trends is definitely red leather, specifically, red leather pants. After seeing Isabel Marant’s Fall 2010 Ready To Wear collection, I was smitten. But, can this trend translate into real life? Yes! And here’s how to do it:

What’s Black and White and Red All Over?

Jeans, Top, Necklace, Flats, Belt

Since leather (or faux leather) is a little extreme, substitute a pair of red denim jeans to give the same effect of red pants. Since red is such an eye-catching color, keep the other colors in your outfit’s palette minimal, and use more neutral colors.

Not Red-y

Leggings, Sweater, Tank Top, Chains, Flats

Not ready for red? Try rust! This deep color is perfect for fall, and is a more subtle hint of color for the color shy. Keep it comfy in an oversized sweater, but don’t forget to glam it up with gold chains and another fall trend, leopard.

Rock ‘n Red

Jeans, Shirt, Bracelets, Pumps

Add a little rock and roll to your red pants with a band t-shirt. Keep it girly and sexy with a sky high pair of pumps, but don’t lose your edge with this set of badass bangles. This outfit’s perfect for a wild night out on the town.

What do you think?

Will you be pulling off a pair of red pants this fall, or is this trend too much for you? Will you be incorporating red, even as an accessory? What other fall trends are you loving right now? Let us know in a comment!

5 thoughts on “How To… Wear Red Pants

  1. sarah!!! soo i know this has nothign to do with this post but idk where else to post it. do you know anyhting about louboutin shoes and if they are comfortable? id never pay so much for a pair or shoes but im thinking maybe one day ill find a cheap pair (i found a few websites) im curious, are htey known to be comfy??? or no

  2. @Lucy – I actually have never even tried a pair of Louboutins, so I’m really not sure – I’m sorry! But, I have heard that many of the sites that claim to be selling designer shoes like Jimmy Choos and Louboutins for less are selling fakes, so make sure you do your research before buying from any online shoe store.

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