The 5 Times It’s Appropriate To Brag

After reading a certain blog that ended each fashion-centered post with a fact about the author’s personal life that leaned more toward showing off than getting to know the blog’s author, I began thinking about when it is appropriate to (nicely) brag about your accomplishments, and when it’s not.

It’s important to know when to brag, because if you don’t, you may not seem like you’re qualified or experienced. But, brag too much, you become a snob instead of a goddess.

Here are the 5 times it’s totally acceptable to brag:

1) On a Job Interview

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When you’re being interviewed for a job/internship, it’s important to let the interviewer know about all of your relative accomplishments and experiences. Although you may be uncomfortable tooting your own horn (I know I am), this is the right time to do it! Tell them about the last internship you had, and about the semester you spent abroad. Don’t rely on your resume to do all of the work! These skills and experiences will let them know if you are the right fit for the job or internship.

2) When Your Bragging Relates to Conversation

If you’re in a conversation and someone brings up a topic that connects to something you can brag about, then mention it. Don’t randomly insert your laundry list of accomplishments. Instead, casually insert your wisdom into the conversation. “Oh, I heard about that. It’s sort of like when I did x, y and z.”

3) When It’s About Someone Else’s Accomplishments

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This is the easiest time to brag! Say your boyfriend or best friend accomplishes something major, like gets into Harvard Law, or gets a record deal; you’re going to want to brag about it! Although this isn’t bragging about yourself, you are a big part of that person’s life, so feeling and sharing the excitement of their accomplishments will definitely lead to some showing-off.

4) When a Family Member or Friend Asks You To

If you haven’t seen a family member or friend in awhile (college = extended periods of time away from home and you don’t always keep in touch with everyone), most likely, they’re going to want to be updated on your life. Feel free to brag! Tell them about how great you’re doing in school and how much you love your friends and boyfriend. Let them know that you’re the President of your sorority! They’re your family and friends, and they want to hear about all of your accomplishments. (But with friends, try to “brag” back and forth, not just talk while the other person listens.)

5) When You Just Accomplished Something Major

You graduated high school, you graduated college, you had your Bar/Bat Mitzvah, you got married, you had your first child… These are all major, life changing events. Totally okay to brag about (unless you’re bragging about the size of the ring).

What do you think?

When do you think it’s appropriate to brag? Is it ever? What was your last biggest accomplishment (feel free to brag in the comments! We won’t tell!)?

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