5 Easy (and Cheap) Ways to Update Your Dorm Room

So, you’ve been to college already. You have your sheets and blankets, you have most of your decorations, but what’s the fun of going back to your room at school without a few new accessories to jazz it up?

Here are some easy and cheap ways to add a little more flair to your dorm room this fall!

A New Way to Display Pictures

Cork Tiles from Overstock.com

Part of personalizing your room means showing off some of your favorite memories. Cork tiles can be placed in any pattern in your room, whether it be making 4 into a square or tiling a few vertically down your wall. All that’s required? Your pictures and some push-pins making this an easy way to hang up your pictures!

Plus, you can customize your boards! Try painting the entire board to give pictures a cool backdrop.

Accent Your Windows

Curtains from Target

Lasty year, one of the best investments my roommate and I made was in curtains (and it wasn’t that much of an investment). Curtains make a room much more homey, provide privacy (if your window is lacking it) and add flair to your room. Pick a wild pattern, or a neutral color that compliments the room.

Coffee is a College Girl’s Best Friend

Keurig Single Cup Coffee Maker

Late night studying, early mornings… just a few scenarios that require constant coffee. And if you go to a school where it’s freezing, going to the dining hall doesn’t always seem worth it. That’s why a coffee maker is a great addition to your dorm room this fall! Although not always cheap, split it with your roommate, and this investment will definitely be worth it.


Posters from AllPosters.com

Although some people love to save their posters year after year, it’s always fun to shop for different ones before you move in to your room each fall. AllPosters.com always has discounts and deals available, making it cheap and easy to update your posters!

Light My Fire

Flameless Candles from Bed, Bath and Beyond

If you’re living in a dorm, most likely, candles are forbidden. If you’re in an apartment or a house, you make your own rules. Either way, candles are a great way to add great scents and romantic glows to your room. Plus, with flameless candles available, everyone can enjoy them!

So, what do you think?

Will you be using any of these tips come back-to-school time? How do you update your dorm room each fall? Let us know in a comment!

2 thoughts on “5 Easy (and Cheap) Ways to Update Your Dorm Room

  1. Flameless candles! How cool, I had no idea those existed. And I’ll definitely be needing some new posters. I always love the way different people figure out to post their pictures. I just used poster putty and posted them on my wall, which wasn’t that creative, but I liked the results.

  2. @Sarah – I love candles, but most dorms have policies against them – so flameless candles it is! Last year, I collaged my pictures all over my wall and loved how it turned out. It really just depends what your “style” is!

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