Luxe Inspiration, Cheap & Chic Substitutes

Although we are goddesses on budgets, that doesn’t mean we can’t be inspired by runways, designer labels and luxurious things. It’s all about how you translate what you see into your daily life!

In this weekly feature, I’ll take inspiring images and pair them with beauty and/or fashion finds that can help you channel them into your daily life easily, without breaking the bank!

Inspiration #1:

Image from JAK & JIL

This brightly colored bag will add a pop to any outfit!

Satin Bag from Avenue, Striped Crew Neck Tee from Yes Style, Quilted Heart Bag from ASOS, RIMMEL Nail Polish in Black Satin, Regale Clutch from Endless, Chanel Nail Polish in Rogue Noir, MAC Nail Lacquer in Dance All Night

Inspiration #2:

Sequins and acid wash = glamour meets rock ‘n roll.

Cream Sequin Top from Oli, Washed Shorts from Yes Style, Gold Sequin Tunic from Arden B., Light Wash Shorts from Miss Selfridge, Multipack of Bracelets from Topshop

What do you think?

Are these pictures inspiring you to add some flair to your next outfit? What pictures inspired you this week? Send us inspirational pictures, and we may feature them in our next post!

8 thoughts on “Luxe Inspiration, Cheap & Chic Substitutes

  1. Multipack of Bracelets from Topshop really bring it together. Accessories can really do wonders for a look (all with moderation of course)

  2. It would be cool to see your opinions on current fashion trends and kind of create a possible controversy. How can we incorporate them into our daily lives?


  3. i love these outfits. i need some help from a fashion expert! im going to a bar/club in nyc this weekend. i dont know what to wear! please help. if you can tell me different outfits including jeans/dresses/skirts that would be great! thanks xo

  4. Thank you everyone for the sweet comments! :)

    @Lucy – I’m going to work on a few outfits right now and post them by tomorrow night. I’m going out in NYC tomorrow too, so it’ll be a perfect way to help solve your fashion dilemma and start brainstorming outfits for myself! Make sure you keep checking back, or follow us on Twitter ( to find out when the post goes up! xo

  5. sarah! just saw what you wrote back to me! but i did see the post as soon as you posted and commented back!
    thank you again so much doll! :)
    btw..what PR firm are you interning in the city with? – hope youre enjoying it!

  6. @lucy – Sorry for getting back to you so late! The firm I worked for was Evins Communications. It was an unreal experience! I’d recommend interning in PR to anyone who may be interested – it changed my life!

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