What Is a 15 Minute Goddess?

There’s a 15 Minute Goddess in every girl.

A 15 Minute Goddess is essentially a super girl. She’s involved on her campus. She’s been a leader from the start. She’s the girl who’s always asked, “where did you get that?” She stays in the loop about fashion and beauty, but does not waste hours upon hours looking great. She always looks put together, yet it all seems effortless. She is independent, but social. She is classy and sophisticated, but does not raise her nose at those who are not. She’s feminine, but is not afraid to do un-ladylike things, like eat buffalo wings (with her hands!) or have a beer. She is creative, but logical, reasonable, and patient.

She may function in chaos, or she may prefer orderliness. She takes life as it comes, but does remember to take her future into consideration. She may spend money and time shopping, but that doesn’t make her superficial. She has beauty and brains. She is sexy, but girly. She is versatile in every aspect. She is caring and compassionate, yet knows when to take the reins on her own life. She’s silly, but serious. She can make decisions on her own. She is non-judgmental.

She is influenced by the world around her, but is still her own person at the end of the day. She sings, even though her voice may not be the best, and she dances, even if she’s no Britney Spears. She knows when a piece of clothing is worth a splurge, and she knows when something is merely a passing trend. She knows when too much makeup is just too much. She may love designers, but that doesn’t mean she believes she needs to pay their price tag to look fabulous. She speaks her mind, but thinks before she does so. She’s not afraid. She’s willing to try anything. She can get herself  ready from head to toe in 15 minutes or less and still look better than most of the girls in the room.

She’s in you, you just need to know how to bring her out. We’ll help.

12 thoughts on “What Is a 15 Minute Goddess?

  1. I’m soo glad I stumbled across this. I’m definitely looking froward to reading more!! You have officially been added to my bookmarks :)

  2. According to Katy Perry, this summer, it’s all about being “fine, fresh, fierce”

    This site will hopefully help me accomplish all three of those goals :)

    Thank you!

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